Group 1

1st – Thea, 2nd – Eloise, 3rd – Patsy

1st – Lukas, 2nd – Sultan, 3rd – Thomas

Group 2

1st – Jake B, 2nd – Evan W, 3rd- Jackson

1st – Katie, 2nd – Evie

Group 3

1st – Hudson, 2nd – Amelia, 3rd – Lucas


Our first race night was a success

Inspired by TDF and the World Champs the Cyclones had a fantastic evening of racing on Monday 28th September at the Ise Valley Park near to Christ the King.

The event attracted 23 riders, with ages from 4 to 15 years, along with their families, it was a great experience for everyone.

Testing the skills

With a short starting straight round the simple first corner and into the long run downhill the second easy corner was quickly followed by Andy and Ian’s switchback before the long hill up to Francesca’s fiendishly difficult section which encouraged everyone to use the skills they’ve been learning before a quick blast through the slalom poles to the finish.

Blew us away

Richard and Charlie decided on a three lap starting race with early leaders Lukas H and Thea from the youngest group holding the front for a long time before first Jake leading some of the middle group and then Hudson powering through with the older riders. The entire youngest group had fantastic races today, not in the medals this time but William is certainly one to watch in the future. Great to see Oliver and Aidan battling hard to finish and Eloise blew us away with her strength throughout. Evan C, Alice and Patsy all had a great time and the smiles at the end made the coaches proud. Sultan and Thomas came in second and third to the powerhouse that is Lukas.

Good solid riding

In the middle group Katie and Evie both had great races, Katie did attempt a couple of stylish dismounts at times and managed to break one of the slalom poles earning her the Marvel Superhero plasters just in case. Jake B powered through to win and Evan W and Jackson both put in excellent performances. Jackson’s Cx training coming through well when he had to run his bike to the finish. Good solid riding from Ruben and Jake O again tonight, but the one to watch this week was definitely Kajus, it won’t be long and he’ll be on Jakes wheel.

Charlie TB and Lucas B fought hard but the race in the oldest group was definitely between Amelia and Hudson all the way through.


However what hits home is how encouraging Charlie, Lucas, Jake B and Evie were with the younger riders. Cyclones are missing the team camaraderie of cross racing this season but they were pretty awesome at supporting each other tonight. Huge thanks to Liz and Nicola for numbering and sorting the certificates, all of the coaches for all their hard work setting the courses and to all the parents who watched over the racing and supported all the cyclones!

Great racing, when’s the next one?


Here’s some photos from the night…