As proposed at the end of 2020, the new club kit is now a reality. Our time trail riders are the first to show off the new kit, with the skin suits being the first order. This is the information regarding the items we have selected from the Endura range and the ordering process.

Endura Custom Clothing

Our new supplier is Endura and we’ve a selection of the custom range to help riders meet minimum quantities, the full product range can be seen here:
If you see anything you wish us to add to our selection, please let us know,

Endura custom club clothing selection

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Prices are displayed with each item and prices include VAT & the introductory club 10% off discount that is across all items on our first order to Endura, so get your order in now.

Sizing and Samples

A size guide is available for each item on the website. Endura provides samples to try on for size. If you’d like to try something on, let us know and we’ll do a club samples order and let you know when we’ve got it for you.

Liz and Ian, are allowing, subject to COVID-19 restrictions, club members to try on samples from 29 March 2021. If you wish to try an item on, include in your email:

  • Your Name
  • Contact number
  • Email address
  • Post code
  • Item code and size

After a sample has been tried on it will be left for 3 days or washed before it can be tried on by another club member.


Liz and Ian Bird, are organisers of club kit and will be ordering the kit on behalf of club members. First order deadline is 30th April 2021. We’ll look at another order in the Summer for Autumn wear. The pricing you pay will be dependent on the qty breaks and the pricing we achieve and we will let you know the final price as soon as we are going to put the order in with a request for payment. Payment will be required at this stage. The final price will include VAT and club discount.

You can order here:

Previous Vanelli and Nimblewear Club Kit

Members can still purchase the old club kit and we have a limited stock is currently half price, you can see what is available and order here: