Social & Club Runs

Clubs runs and social rides

Sunday club rides

If your cycling passion is to enjoy the company of others and explore the scenery of Northamptonshire and beyond, then our social rides are for you.

We offer two different regular club rides on a Sunday: ‘30 miles at 13mph’ (10am start), and a longer ride which aims for 16mph plus (9am start) 

Our Club rides are throughout the whole year, weather (ice) permitting, so if you’re the hardened all-weather rider or a fair weather rider we have a ride for you. We aim for one group, unless we have enough riders to split into two or more, but what you can be assured of, it’s a social ride, it’s at a pace for chat and it’s not a race, it’s a great way to make new friends, natter along and generally have a great time. It’s a no drop policy, so you will not be left behind.

We always aim to be back for lunchtime.

Easier Saturday rides

If the Sunday club rides sound a bit too serious, we are starting a series of shorter, more relaxed Saturday rides. These will be 15-20 miles long, and take around two hours. They will be a great way to get to know our club. All you need is a roadworthy bike.

We’d love to see you. Check out our calendar of events  for the full details including route and we look forward to seeing you on our rides… just look out for the orange and pink!

Children and young people of secondary school age are welcome to participate in the KCC Saturday easy rides, in line with the following safeguarding protocol:
• Age under 16 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian
• Age 16 or 17 years old not accompanied – a parent or guardian must complete a consent form signed in the presence of the KCC ride leader (a link to download the form will be provided closer to the date of the first ride)

Over 80+ events during the year

What's different riding with a club?

KCC social club ride etiquette

Our club promotes safe group riding. The respect of the road and other road users whilst enjoying cycling with others. Rides are at a steady social pace that’s for members to chat and make friends and explore new roads. No one is left behind.

What distance and speed does the group ride at?

Club rides are about exploring the B roads, country lanes, both locally and afar, although we have been known to find a track or two on the way, with the occasional crossing or small section of A roads. The Sunday club routes are usually around 40+ miles allowing for an interesting loop, however, by letting us know about your riding experience and endurance, and what you are used to and we will ensure that your ride with us is an enjoyable one and plan a route that is a figure of 8 so you can do 20+ and knowing where you are peel off at any time.

Sunday Club ride

The club rides are a fun way to spend a Sunday morning. We have 2 groups both leaving from outside Sainsbury’s in Kettering town centre. We can even meet you on-route if that suits you. One at 9.00 averaging about 17mph and another slower group at 10.00. Both rides head out through the beautiful Northamptonshire countryside and even on to surrounding counties. Come and join us for a nice social ride for somewhere between 40 and 60miles stopping approximately half way at a variety of coffee shops to refuel before the homebound journey back to Kettering. It may be the ideal way for you to find some new roads and new friends while you cycle along. It’s a no drop Sunday social to set you up for that Sunday lunch!

Mid week

There is a chain gang tuesday. This is for riders to get used to group riding, in a chain (wheel to wheel) and is about maximising efforts and riders preparing for road racing. It’s a great way to improve your technique with interval efforts as you take to the front.


Riding etiquette

Riders are to adhere to the highway code.

Courteous and respectful of other road users, vehicles and pedestrians.

Use hand signs for identifying hazards for your fellow riders, especially those behind you.

To position yourself in the road safely, with no spontaneous braking or moves that may impact on the safety of others.

Ride two abreast only on roads that are wide enough for vehicles to overtake or pass safely.

When riding in a group lager than 4, be thoughtful about two abreast riding or a group cluster that vehicles will find difficult to overtake. As well as thinking about going single breast, consider breaking up the group into smaller groups so that safe overtaking is possible.

Do not liter, take your gel and drink wrappers home!

Do not fowl or pee in public.

The importance of wearing your club jersey on club rides

We promote the wearing of our club kit when your out on a ride. There are two main benefits:

It promotes the KCC community and makes the non-riders (car owners and pedestrians) aware of our courteous and respect to them and in return

It makes riding safer, seen to be part of a club, drivers give you more repect on the road.

The club kit is designed to help you to be seen with our pink and orange.

No one gets dropped!

Social club rides are just that. They are not a race, or for setting PB’s or QOM/KOM’s. They are at a pace of the slowest rider so that the ride is enjoyable and fun. No one on our social rides will get dropped or left behind.

Remember ride safe, wear a helmet, have a working rear light and be courtesious to other road users, cyclists do not have the right to rule the road.

Social rides, anything and everything to do with club runs:

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I am always looking for photos or videos of our club rides and social events, to share and promote our club rides to increase our attendees. Tell me about your ride with us, I would love to hear from you. Ian.