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Upcoming Events

KCC Evening TT Sprint - Flags to Old 3.8
Timekeeper: Bernard Smith
Timekeeper: Marcus Buksh
Assistant: Ken Vatcher
Marshal: John Tilley

KCC Championship Drayton-Nevill Holt & Medbourne-Nevill Holt
Timekeeper: Bernard Smith
Timekeeper: Jon Thorne
Assistant: Tom Bailey

Frank & Joy Sheppard Open 10 (Promoted by Gavin Hinxman, KCC)
Assistant: Simon Frost
Marshal: Jennifer Moffat
Marshal: Joe Barlow
Marshal: Gwyneth Wood
Marshal: Gwyneth Wood
The Cyclones Autumn/Winter Dates 2016/17

The following dates are also listed on our club calendar with more details of the venues and contact information. Our latest news, photos and any changes to our events will appear on our Cyclones Facebook page.

The dates for Autumn and Winter Cyclones fun skills and activity sessions are on a Monday at 7.00-8.00pm, alternating on a rota between Rothwell and Kettering with a few in Desborough too;

29th August (Bank Holiday no event)


Sunday 4th: Pitsford Reservoir for our end of summer family Cycle and BBQ
5th: (no event due to previous day and back to school day)
12th: Kettering Buccleuch Academy (going out to Weekley Glebe Park hopefully)
19th: Rothwell
26th: Desborough Leisure Centre


3rd: Rothwell
10th: Kettering Buccleuch Academy
17th: Desborough Leisure Centre
24th: No event (School Half-term Holiday)
31st: No event (Halloween)


7th: Rothwell
14th: Kettering Buccleuch Academy
21st: Rothwell
28th: Kettering Buccleuch Academy


5th - Rothwell
12th - Kettering Buccleuch Academy
19th: Rothwell Xmas Special (indoors in the Community Centre)
26th (No event Boxing day BH)
29th (No event folks on Hols)

January 2017

2nd (No event Bank Holiday)
9th : Kettering Buccleuch Academy
16th: Rothwell
23rd: Kettering Buccleuch Academy
30th - No event - Coaches meeting


6th: Rothwell
13th: (No Cyclones - School Half-Term Holiday)
20th: Rothwell
27th: Kettering Buccleuch Academy

11-08-16 Old 9.4M TT

The KCC Time Trial season is edging towards its close. With only a few events left riders came to Old for a 9.4-mile TT on 11th August.
They were blessed with a dry evening, while a gusty side wind hampered riders along the Lamport road and called for caution down the Spinney descent
David Robinson turned the tables on Tony Brown with a win in 21.48, to Tony's 21.54, giving evidence that this years championship is being split by mere seconds between the two main protagonists. A big effort from Daniel Bates saw him claim third in a PB of 23:04.
James Cook's challenge for third place in the evening's standings literally blew apart with a great expelling of air from a punctured tyre, mere seconds from the start.
Fastest Lady once again was Sue Rust in 24:38. Fastest Road Bike was Chris Duckworth in 24:40, and fastest Junior was Maria Gent in 28:39.
David Robinson (TT) 21.48
Tony Brown (TT) 21.54
Daniel Bates (TT) 23.04
Jamie Stockham (TT) 23.35
Will Philips (TT) 23.53
Simon Frost (TT) 24.30
Sue Rust (TT) 24.38
Chris Duckworth (Road) 24.40
Martin Keable (TT) 24.41
Chris Old (TT) 25.23
Maria Gent (TT, Junior) 28.39
Mike O�Conner (Road) 28.59
Mick Wood (TT) 29.20
Tom Bailey (TT) 29.31
Charlie Stockham (Road, Junior) 29.46
John Tilley (Road) 34.54
Bernard Smith (TT) 36.15
James Cook (TT) DNS

Graham Dolby (TT, Equip Velo) 21.45
Warren Drew (TT, RFW) 23.27
Mike Harvey (TT, RFW) 28.16

14-08-16 Broughton 10M TT

Sunday morning saw the 4th and final visit to Broughton for the last of the Sunday morning TT's of the season. A good turn out of 17 riders welcomed the warm and virtually wind free day.
Gavin Hinxman took a step away from the norm riding a trike. He is in preparation for taking another club record although while struggling with his position this was unfortunately not the case.
The win was taken by Tony Brown with a 22.14. David Robinson came in second with a 22.31 with James Cook finishing 3rd with a 23.14. Fastest lady of the day was Sue Rust with a 25.01 taking maximum points in a counting round for the Ladies championship. Fastest junior recording another PB for distance and the course was Maria Gent with a 28.06 whilst fastest road bike was Bernard Smith with a 34.16. Also PB'n today with a 24.51 was Simon Frost.
Tony Brown (TT) 22.14
David Robinson (TT) 22.31
James Cook (TT) 23.14
Martin Keable (TT) 24.50
Simon Frost (TT) 24.51
Sue Rust (TT) 25.01
Jon Thorne (TT) 25.22
Gavin Hinxman (Trike) 25.35
Jen Moffatt (TT) 27.59
Maria Gent (TT, Junior) 28.06
Mick Wood (TT) 29.13
Tom Bailey (TT) 30.13
Bernard Smith (Road) 34.16
John Tilley (Road) 34.34
Andy Sharman (TT, Baines Racing) 22.17
Graham Dolby (TT, Equip Velo) 22.53
Warren Drew (TT, RFW) 24.13

13-08-16 Hull 10M TT

Gavin Hinxman was once again in Hull for the Bridlington CC 10 on the V718 on Saturday.
Another windy day with the wind against the riders on the longest return leg.
Gavin finished with a 19.32 for a 4th place overall. The overall winner was Phil Graves (Clifton CC) with a 18.35

04-08-16 Old 9.4M TT

The second 9.4 mile TT at Old on 4th August saw a visit by a contingent of the newly formed Higham Ferrers Cycling Club. Our keen guests were welcomed to a come-and-try effort and left with big smiles and determined faces.
David Robinson took first place in 21:56, followed by Mark Weathersby in 22:59. Daniel Bates, who's been missing from the results sheets recently whilst concentrating on his Triathlon efforts, took third in 23:18.
Fastest road bike of the night was Simon Frost in 25:28, fastest lady was Sue Rust in 24:49 and fastest Junior was Maria Gent with a Personal Best by 2 seconds in 28:25.

David Robinson (TT) 21.56
Mark Weathersby (TT) 22.59
Daniel Bates (TT) 23.18
Jon Thorne (TT) 23.46
Martin Keable (TT) 24.22
Sue Rust (TT) 24.49
Simon Frost (Road) 25.35
Maria Gent (TT, Junior) 28.25
Mick Wood (TT) 29.03
Tom Bailey (TT) 30.10
John Tilley (Road) 34.53

Graham Dolby (TT, Equip Velo) 22.10
Warren Drew (TT, RFW) 23.45
Richard Drace (TT, HFCC) 24.43
Matt Day (Road, HFCC) 25.28
John Warner (Road, HHFC) 26.33
Johnny Wykes (Road, HFCC) 26.53
Matt Butler (Road, HFCC) 27.54
Natasha Wykes (Road, HFCC) 29.00
Lee Tierney (Road, HFCC) 32.20
Charles Foster (Road, HFCC) DNF

07-08-16 Old 25M TT

On Sunday 7th August the club 25 mile TT was held on The Old sporting course. The 25-mile ciruit begins on the Mawsley road, near the junction to Mawsley. Riders head North-West and turn left after Foxhall, onto the Lamport road. At Lamport they turn left again heading into Old. Another left turn at Old leads them back to the Mawsley road start point via the Broughton Road. A further one and a half laps brings competitors to the familiar finish line on Scaldwell Hill, just short of Old.
A breezy day with the dreaded South-Westerly wind made for three difficult traversals of the airfield straight, on the Lamport road.
Battle was rejoined in the club championship between Tony Brown and David Robinson, with Tony taking the honours in 1:00:26 to David's 1:01:55. James Cook finished third in 1:06:12.
Fastest Lady and Fastest Junior was Maria Gent in 1:21:32.
Fastest road bike was Charlie Stockham (junior), on his first 25 mile TT, in 1:25:06. Well done, Charlie!
Former Kettering Cycling Club member David Bucknall took a trip from his new home in the Forest of Dean, and the Royal Dean Forest Cycling Club (RDFCC) to set the fastest time of the day in 59:34.

Tony Brown (TT) 1.00.26
David Robinson (TT) 1.01.55
James Cook (TT) 1.06.12
Andy Fairley (TT) 1.06.58
Simon Frost (TT) 1.11.54
Maria Gent (TT, Junior) 1.21.32
Mick Wood (TT) 1.21.51
Charlie Stockham (Road, Junior) 1.25.06
Andy Sharman (TT) DNS
Jamie Stockham (TT) DNF

David Bucknall (TT, RDFCC) 59.34
Warren Drew (TT, RFW) 1.06.00

02-08-16 Rockingham Speedway 1M and 10M TT's

On Tuesday Night 7 KCC riders including 4 Stockhams took part in Welland Valley CC Time Trials at the Rockingham Speedway in Corby. Naomi Stockham took the overall win in the 1 mile Juniors TT with a time of 4.48. Katie Stockham took 3rd place with a 5.34.
The 10 mile TT which takes in 6 and 3/4 laps of the oval circuit was dry but very windy on the uphill section which turned the event into a fast interval session. James Cook was the fastest KCC rider with a course PB of 23.42. Closely followed by Jamie Stockham with a 24.15, Jon Thorne with a 24.37, Martin Keable with a 25.22 and Junior rider Charlie Stockham with 30.40.

28-07-16 Old 9.4M Evening TT

The Old 9.4 mile circuit saw its first outing of the year on 28th July, after the previous week's event had to be cancelled due to roadworks on the Lamport/Old junction.
With the weather holding mostly fine, 24 riders lined up to tackle the short, sporting course. A brisk south-westerly breeze helped to push riders along the Broughton Road, and consequently harried them on the airfield section of the Lamport road as usual.
Fastest home was Tony Brown in 21:34, just pipping David Robinson in 21:47 (a Personal Best by 22 seconds for David on this course). Third KCC rider was Mark Booth in 22:51.
Fastest lady was Sue Rust with 24.40, Fastest road bike was Adrian Read in 24:14, and fastest junior was Maria Gent in 28:27.
Other competitors to achieve a Personal Best were: Michael Cope in 25:45, shaving 28 seconds of his previous best, Jamie Stockham in 23:14, a Personal Best by 36 seconds, and Martin Keable's 24:29 lopped 1 min 56 sec off his best time from last year.
Race report by Martin Keable
Tony Brown (TT) 21.34
David Robinson (TT) 21.47
Mark Booth (TT) 22.51
Jamie Stockham (TT) 23.14
Adrian Read (Road) 24.14
Chris Old (TT) 24.15
Martin Keable (TT) 24.29
Sue Rust (TT) 24.40
Mike Cope (TT) 25.45
Jen Moffatt (TT) 27.52
Sue Davys (TT) 28.24
Maria Gent (TT, Junior) 28.27
Charlie Stockham (Road, Junior) 29.11
Mike O?Conner (Road) 29.42
Mick Wood (TT) 29.44
Tom Bailey (TT) 29.58
Bernard Smith (Road) 35.57
John Tilley (Road) 36.11
Graham Dolby (TT, Equip Velo) 21.48
Andy Yeoman (TT, Met Pol) 21.37
Warren Drew (TT, RFW) 23.43
Tim Cooke (WV Tri) 25.39
Trevor Parrish (TT,A5) 27.05
Mike Harvey (TT, RFW) 29.06

30-07-16 Caldecot Chronos RT 10M TT

Tom Bailey rode the Chronos RT 10 mile TT on Saturday at Caldecot. Tom recorded a time of 28.40. Overall winner was Ashley Cox with a new course record of 18.50.

30-07-16 Hull 10M TT

On Saturday Gavin Hinxman rode the Team Jadan-Weldtite 10 on the V718 course at South Cave near Hull.
The event attracted a full field of 150 rider with the closing time fast, meaning that riders faster that 21.20 were the only ones to get a ride.
Gavin completed the course in 19 mins 23 seconds, his 3rd fastest 10 on a day that had the head wind on the 5.5miles return.
David Crawley of Velotek RT was the fastest rider in 18.27. Gavin's time was good for 15th position

31-07-16 Newmarket 25M TT

On Sunday, Gavin, Sue Rust & Mike Cope all rode the VTTA 25 on the E2/25 course at Newmarket.
The day started cool but did warm up (first rider was off at 6am). The morning was quite breezy
Gavin finished in 51.22, Sue did 1-0-31 & Mike lowered his season's best to 1.07.05

31-07-16 London Surrey 100

10 KCC riders including junior rider Maria Gent took part in the Prudential London Surrey 100 on Sunday. As many of these riders had a 6AM start it meant a very early alarm call of 2AM. Conditions where great and the ride was extremely fast on the way out of London on the closed roads. The Surrey Hills offered some challenging climbs including Leith Hill and the iconic Box Hill. All the KCC riders finished but some where held up by the accidents that happened to others on the route. Everyone had a great ride and enjoyed themselves and apart from 1 puncture and 1 broken wheel everyone survived the day pretty much unscathed.
Mark Broster 04:24:26
Chris Duckworth 04:58:31
Simon Frost 06:16:55
Maria Gent 06:17:04
Neil Key 04:53:35
Richard Morson 05:01:41
Clive Shackleton 08:00:06
Malcolm Vincent 04:50:51
Andrea Woolcott 04:44:26
James Cook 05:17:13