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KCC TT - Lamport
Timekeeper: Bernard Smith
Assistant: Alan Spencer
Marshal: Sue Rust
Marshal: Alan Houghton
Marshal: Will Phillips

KCC Evening TT - Grafton Underwood
Timekeeper: Martin Keable
Assistant: Tom Bailey
Marshal: Tim Hartley
Marshal: Adrian Gorham
Marshal: Chris Old

KCC Evening TT - Grafton Underwood
Timekeeper: Alan Houghton
Assistant: Jamie Stockham
Marshal: Mick Wood
Marshal: Rob Bing
Marshal: Adi Clark

KCC TT - Broughton
Timekeeper: Jon Thorne
Assistant: Rob Barker
Marshal: Stu Plows

KCC Evening TT - Grafton Underwood
Timekeeper: David Robinson
Assistant: Chris Duckworth
Marshal: Eddy Clutton
Marshal: Sue Rust
Marshal: Noel Toone
Marshal: Noel Toone
Round 15 Central League Cyclocross - Misterton Madness - Welland Valley CC

The final round of the Central League Cyclocross Season, hosted by our near neighbours Welland Valley CC, was held today in the picturesque surroundings of Misterton Hall.

Again there was a good KCC showing with Cyclones, parents and coaches taking part on an excellent course.

In the Under 8's our very own League Champion, Jake Bird suffered a mechanical and had a rare race away from the podium. He ran most of the way with his bike and finished in 16th. Jake took this well and was in a very jolly mood following his 'victory lap!' There was a much better result for Charlie Guest who, with his 3rd place made the podium for the third week running! Jake I think you have some serious club competition next year!

In the Under 10's Ruben Hickman once again performed strongly for his 7th place finish. In the girls Aimee Brooks braved a tricky course to come in 5th. Ruben finishes the league in 11th place.Final league positions see Ruby Isaac (Fenland Clarion CC,) finish 4th, Tasmin Crabtree 7th and Aimee Brooks 14th.

In one of the most hotly contested age groups, the Under 12s, there was once again a really good showing from the Cyclones. Dominic Bell finished in 6th place, his strength down the finishing straight was really impressive. Edward Hennah worked very hard for his 10th place. For the girls Amelia Cebak made a return this week with another strong ride fro 4th place. That leaves Dominic in a fantastic 9th place in the league, with Edward Hennah 17th and Sam Lindsley 18th. There were 36 registered riders so that really is a great result for the Cyclones. The girl who never gives up, Amelia Cebak, achieved a brilliant 4th place in the U12 girls League with Heidi Crabtree 13th and Hannah Brown 14th.

As usual the Under 14s, 16s and Novices raced together on the full course. Before the ride there was a minutes silence for the incredibly talented Charlie Craig who tragically died last weekend. Charlie was a very gifted rider like his father, Nick Craig. It was a fitting tribute.

This was a very good course to ride. Slippy and challenging in places with a tree obstacle to negotiate. Congratulations to Welland Valley CC for creating a very worthy final round.

For the Under 14 boys, Josh Brown, who lapped me like I was stuck in glue, just missed out on a podium in 4th place. In the Under 16s Charlie Stockham also had a good ride, finishing 5th. Another great final league placing sees Josh Brown in 4th place, Finley Isaac 9th and Charlie Crabtree 16th. In the girls the Cyclones have yet another 4th place with Bethany Spencer. In the U16 boys Charlie Stockham finished the league in 10th place and Jonny Crabtree 14th.

For Dad's club, the lad who isn't a Dad, Ashley Easton managed a magnificent first place. We'd like to encourage Ashley to come and help out at Cyclones as an inspiration to the kids. Cyclones coach Andy Brown managed a superb 4th, Chris Barratt (who will be bringing his son Ellis to Cyclones in the future,) was 11th and some bloke called Richard Lindsley was 14th. Dad's club are absolutely hooked on this magnificent sport and intend to enter next year in our age groups.

This week in the vet 40-49 age group we not only had head coach Mark Evans, there was also another of the Dads, Jamie Stockham. Mark finished in 19th place and Jamie came in at 35th. There are some serious riders in this class and it really is good racing to watch. In a league with 153 registered riders Mark finished in a fantastic 24th place. Great season coach!

That's it, the Cyclocross season is over! It's been brilliant. Well done to everyone involved and I'm sure we're already looking forward to more fun in the mud next year.

The Cyclones Winter Dates 2017 - ammended 30th Jan 2017

The following dates are also listed on our club calendar with more details of the venues and contact information. Our latest news, photos and any changes to our events will appear on our Cyclones Facebook page.

The dates for Winter Cyclones fun skills and activity sessions are on a Monday at 7.00-8.00pm, alternating on a rota between Rothwell and Kettering with a few in Desborough too;

January 2017

2nd (No event Bank Holiday)
9th : Kettering Buccleuch Academy
16th: Desborough Leisure Centre, Ironwood Avenue, Desborough, NN14 2JJ
23rd: Kettering Buccleuch Academy
30th - Desborough Leisure Centre, Ironwood Avenue, Desborough, NN14 2JJ


6th: Desborough Leisure Centre, Ironwood Avenue, Desborough, NN14 2JJ
13th: (No Cyclones - School Half-Term Holiday)
20th: Desborough Leisure Centre, Ironwood Avenue, Desborough, NN14 2JJ
27th: Kettering Buccleuch Academy

6th: Desborough Leisure Centre, Ironwood Avenue, Desborough, NN14 2JJ
13th: Kettering Buccleuch Academy
20th: Desborough Leisure Centre, Ironwood Avenue, Desborough, NN14 2JJ
27th: Kettering Buccleuch Academy

Round 14 Central Cyclocross League - Corley Cycles - MK Bowl

Today saw the penultimate round of the Central Cyclocross League season with another excellent event at Milton Keynes. It was absolutely freezing with frost on the floor and a thick fog when we arrived today. Conditions did improve slightly as the sun came out but it is still a massive credit to our young people that they drag themselves out of bed at the weekend to compete in this tough sport. Credit also to all of the parents who supported their kids today and to the volunteers who make such an event possible.

The Bowl lends itself naturally to a cyclocross course with continuous slopes on cambers and tricky drops out through the hedges at the top. The frost and ice made it tricky in places but also helped a little at slowing the course from cutting up.

Also impressive was the organisation led by Mark Evans with spare bikes and the pressure washer in the pits. Mark himself benefited later as parents and kids providing vital support and very slick bike swaps.

Star of the day was once again Jake Bird with 1st place in the Under 8 race. There was an element of fortune or indeed misfortune (depending on your perspective,) for Jake as his nearest rider fell on the last lap. There's no telling if that was critical to the outcome as Jake was actually closing fast on him at the time. Charlie Guest also had another good day with a second podium finish in consecutive weeks. My understanding is that Jake now has an unassailable lead at the top of his league and is the 2016/17 Champion! Really well done Jake!

In the under 10 Boys, Ruben Hickman had his race face on with a creditable 11th place. The standard of racing from the kids was again absolutely top notch and in this race Welwyn Wheelers dominated with all three podium places.

The biggest representation from KCC today came in the Under 12 boys. Dominic Bell continued his good season with an 8th place in a race where those scarily good Milton Keynes lads took the first five places. Eddie Hennah was his usual hard working self, he always gives it everything, finishing in 15th. I was especially proud of Sam Lindsley today (yes I know I have to say that as he's my son but this is an objective view.) Sam, like others, is in his first season of Cyclocross and is on a steep learning curve. It's been those steep bits that he's struggled with and today we saw a real improvement in that area.

The Under 14s, 16s and Novices all race together on the full course. It's a staggered start and the Dad's club watched Josh Brown get a great start and then saw his chain come off. As a result it came as quite a shock when suddenly our race started too! Those Welwyn Wheelers were as impressive as they'd been the week before and set a ferocious pace. Watching and reporting on what actually happened in the race is difficult when you're taking part. One of the bits I can tell you is that Bethany Spencer took a very nasty tumble down one of those slippy muddy slopes. To her credit she got right back on and kept going. As the course zig zagged around we were able to encourage each other which was nice as was the support from all in the Cyclones family. Josh, despite his mechanical managed an excellent third place. Bethany finished in 4th, just missing out on a podium for the second week running. Charlie Stockham also go in the top ten with 8th place, no mean feat with those Welwyn speed merchants around.

For Dad's club it was the biggest field we've seen in the Novice race, which is good because it means more people trying the sport. The course was great and the riding, although exhausting was a lot of fun. Ashley got a second again this week and we're trying to encourage him to move into his age group, however he's actually an Under 23 still so that will stop him beating us when we move to Vets 40-49. Of the actual Dad's Andrew Brown did the best with 8th, Chris Barratt was 11th and I got home in 19th.

Many of us stayed around to watch Mark in the Vets 40-49. It's good for the kids to see coach riding as there were some elements of master class especially with his bike changes. However Mark we all saw you stall trying to overtake on the inside and expect you to cover this at the next training session ;)

Well done again to all the riders, parents and supporters today. The final round is next Saturday at Misterton Hall, hosted by our near neighbours, Welland Valley CC. I'm looking forward to another day of a sport which truly is highly addictive!


Under 8 Boys
Jake Bird 1st
Charlie Guest 3rd

Under 10 Boys
Ruben Hickman 11th

Under 12 Boys
Dominic Bell 8th
Edward Hennah 15th
Sam Lindsley 17th

Under 14 Boys
Joshua Brown 3rd

Under 14 Girls
Bethany Spencer 4th

Under 16 Boys
Charlie Stockham 8th

Dad's Club (Novice Men)
Ashley Easton (C&D) 2nd
Andrew Brown (C&D and KCC) 8th
Chris Barratt (C&D) 11th
Richard Lindsley (C&D and KCC) 19th

Vet 40-49
Mark Evans 20th

report by Richard Lindsley

Round 13 - Central League Cyclocross

Round 13 of the Central League Cyclocross was hosted by Rockingham Forest Wheelers at West Glebe Park, Corby. This well organised event saw several of our local young riders and a few enthusiastic Dads' tackle a challenging course in wet conditions.
The first thing to say, if youve never tried Cyclocross is that it really is a hard sport! Its also a lot of fun. What impressed me the most about the riders taking part is that they willingly got up early on a cold, wet January morning to test body and mind through the hills and the mud.
Kettering Cycling Clubs Cyclones arrived very well prepared for a day in the rain and mud led by the ever organised Mark Evans. The club gazebo was erected, spare bikes were on hand and the highly necessary jet wash was set up in the pits. It really was very impressive.
To the riders; One of the stars of this years Cyclocross season is undoubtedly Jake Bird. He just missed out on yet another first place today. Another fantastic effort though and a very well deserved 2nd on a technical course. Another KCC rider, Charlie Guest was third making it two KCC riders on the podium.
The Under 10s raced alongside the Under 8s and there were some excellent riding skills on display. You have to remind yourself at times just how young these kids are as they fearlessly tackle slippery downhills and power through the harder parts of the course. Tamsin Crabtree, KCC, managed 12th place, Ruby Isaac, Fenland Clarion CC was 13th and Ruben Hickman, KCC, was 14th.
The Under 12s raced on the same course but their race was extended to 15 minutes. Thats a long time to slog it out at their age! Again the youngsters tackled the tricky conditions with bravery, skill and perseverance. Typically the very strong Milton Keynes boys lead the way. Their podium domination was however punctuated by Dominic Switzer of Welland Valley CC with a very well deserved 2nd place. KCCs Dominic Bell, 7th, continued with his good season with another top ten finish. There was plenty more local interest with Rudy Kilworth 9th, Michael Carter 12th and Joel Ayers 15th (all Welland Valley.) Then there was the perpetually determined Edward Hennah 17th and Sam Lindsley 18th. All the kids finished with smiles on their faces, rightfully proud of their efforts.
The first race on the full course saw the Under 14s, 16s and Novices race together for 30 minutes. This longer course had all the best aspects of the reduced course and then some. Again credit to the organisers for staging such a good event. The standard of racing, particularly from the Under 16s was exceptional and the Welwyn Wheelers CC boys were the stand out performers. In the Under 14 boys Josh Brown, KCC, continued his good form with a 5th place and Finley Isaac battled through the mud for 17th. Bethany Spencer rode hard just missing out on a podium in 4th place. In the Novice race, Ashley Easton of C&D Cycles CC finished in a superb 2nd place. After that it was the battle of the Dads as KCC Cyclones coach, Andrew Brown, C&D Cycles CC was 4th, Alan Spencer KCC 7th and Chris Barratt, C&D Cycles CC 8th.
The next round of the Central Cyclocross League is only 6 days away in Milton Keynes. I, for one, cannot wait!

Under 8
Jake Bird 2nd, Charlie Guest 3rd both KCC Cyclones
Under 10
Tamsin Crabtree KCC Cyclones 12th
Ruby Isaac Fenland Clarion CC 13th
Ruben Hickman KCC Cyclones 14th
Under 12
Dominic Switzer Welland Valley Whizz Kids 2nd
Dominic Bell KCC Cyclones 7th
Rudy Kilworth Welland Valley Whizz Kids 9th
Michael Carter Welland Valley Whizz Kids 12th
Joel Ayers Welland Valley Whizz Kids 15th
Edward Hennah KCC Cyclones 17th
Sam Lindsley KCC Cyclones 18th
Under 14 Boys
Joshua Brown KCC Cyclones 5th
Finley Isaac KCC Cyclones 17th
Under 14 Girls
Bethany Spencer KCC Cyclones 4th
Novice Men
Ashley Easton C&D Cycles CC 2nd
Andrew Brown C&D Cycles CC 4th
Alan Spencer KCC 7th
Chris Barratt C&D Cycles CC 8th

report by Richard Lindsley

Welland Valley CC Boxing Day TT

KCC riders Gavin Hinxman and Mike Cope (along with just-left KCC member Darren Cope) joined the Welland Valley Boxing Day 10 mile TT at Kibworth.

Starting in fresh but sunny conditions, riders enjoyed a cross tailwind on the out leg, and battled the wind on the return.

To add to the festive spirit some riders rode in fancy dress. A Santa (Phil Rayner) was spotted on the course as well as one of his Elves (Ed Tarelli) - and one rider (Stewart Holland) competed in full suit and tie - maybe he was just late for the office.

Fastest overall was Kettering CC rider Gavin Hinxman in 21:25.
Mike completed the course in 26:12 and Darren in 26:05.

2016 Kettering CC Awards dinner.

The annual Kettering Cyling Club awards were held on Saturday 19th November at The Gurkhas restaurant in Desborough.

The awards ceremony was headed by welcoming sponsors Duncan & Karen of Tollers Solicitors & to Neil & Teresa from George Halls Cycle Centre. Also welcomed were Albert Bell & family for coming along again to present the special Mark Bell Trophy.

Adrian Read was thanked for his work in preparing the trophies and awards.

Club Chairman Gavin Hinxman signed off his final year as chairman with an impressive haul of records and trophies in 2016. Following last year's best-ever season, he did the same again and more.
Gavin set PBs & club records for 10, 15, 25, 50 & 100 miles including two 18min 10s, two 49 min 25s & a 3hr 38 min '100'.
He also borrowed a trike & beat the club 10 miles trike record in 22:36

Gavin Hinxman also collected:

The impressive Mark Bell Memorial Trophy
Brian Charouneau Memorial Trophy (Best Northants club rider in the KCC hilly)
Butterworth Cup - 10m Time Trial Champion. 18:59
Championship Cup - 25m Time Trial Champion. 49:28
Ellingworth Cup - 50m Time Trial Champion. 1:43:01
Cedric Ellingworth Century Shield - Fastest 100mile Time Trial. 3:38:02
Challenge Trophy - Senior Best All Rounder, 29.816 mph over 10, 25 & 50miles

The 2016 Time Trial series winner, Tony Brown, has represented GB in his age group at the European Triathlon Union Championships middle distance, (half ironman distance), in Austria this year as well as club and local events too. By his own admission it has been a quieter season!
Tony collects the season long win in the time trial series, picking up:

Jim Aveling Trophy (The Wicksteed trophy) Points Series winner
Ray Panter Memorial Trophy Veterans Points Series winner
2nd 25m TT Championship
3rd 10m TT Championship
3rd 50m TT Championship
Senior 25 & 50 miles team records

Sue Rust has had a great season, and it must be noted that Sue is only in her 3rd season of racing.
Her accolades this year included:

Evening Telegraph Trophy for the Ladies Best All Rounder, best average speed over 10, 25 & 50miles with an average speed of 23.455 mph.
The Loveder Memorial Trophy as the Ladies Points Series winner.
The Hankins Ladies 10m TT championship Trophy.
Ladies club records at 10 miles (24:31) & 50 miles (2:13:38). Sue is determined to return in 2017 to claim the 25 mile record.
Ladies club team record at 10 miles.

Maria Gent enjoyed her last year in the junior ranks with a number of PB?s, records & a great year.
Maria collected the following awards in recognition of her efforts:

Marsh Racing Club Trophy for the Junior Best All Rounder, best average speed over 10 & 25miles with an average speed of 20.150 mph.
Ian Bailey Memorial Trophy for the Junior Evening Points Series winner.
Junior TT League, winner.

John Tilley won the 2016. Road Bike TT series.

James Cook won the Frank Sheppard Cup, for most improved KCC rider in the Sheppard Memorial Open TT.

The Sheppard Track Trophy for the Best Velodrome performance by a KCC rider was awarded to Andrea Woolcott.

James Simons-Boswell was this year's Senior Road Race Champion awarded the Lesley Smart Cup.

Bryan Guest won the annual Hill Climb and collected the Chris Clutton Memorial Hill Climb Trophy.

Stuart Walters became the LRVC National champion and was awarded the Off Road Cup for the Off Road Bike Rider of the year.

Full Time Trial Series winners are listed below:

Mens Senior Points series:
1st. Tony Brown
2nd. David Robinson
3rd. Jon Thorne

Ladies Senior Points series, sponsored by Tollers Solicitors:
1st. Sue Rust
2nd. Jennifer Moffatt
3rd. Maria Gent
4th. Sue Davys
5th. Harriet Evans

Road Bike Points series:
1st John Tilley
2nd Charlie Stockham
3rd. Bethany Spencer

Junior Championship
1st. Maria Gent
2nd. Charlie Stockham
3rd. Jonah Shrive

Kettering Time Trial Championship races:
10 mile: 1st Gavin Hinxman, 2nd, David Robinson, 3rd Tony Brown
25 mile: 1st Gavin Hinxman, 2nd Tony Brown, 3rd Rob Barker
50 mile: 1st Gavin Hinxman, 2nd David Robinson, 3rd Tony Brown

Several other new club records were set this year, including:

25 mile team record: 2:49:02. Gavin Hinxman, James Cook, Mike Cope
50 mile team record: 5:38:56. Gavin Hinxman, Tony Brown, David Robinson
10 mile men's tandem record: 23:08. Adrian Gorham, Jason McClean
25 mile mixed tandem record: 1:01:03. Marcus Buksh, Sian Edwards.
72" medium gear record: 23:15. Gavin Hinxman.
10 mile ladies team record: 1:21:06. Sue Rust, Jenny Moffatt, Maria Gent.
10 mile junior girls: 27:26. Maria Gent.
15 mile junior girls: 47:28. Maria Gent.
25 mile junior girls: 1:16:47. Maria Gent.
50 mile junior girls: 2:40:11. Maria Gent.
10 mile juvenile girls: 32:43. Bethany Spencer.

The Kettering Cyclones youth division is seriously making its mark this year and is proving to be a valuable feeder system into both social and competition areas of KCC. Our younger members are making themselves known in Track, Road, MTB, CX and Time Trial events. Mark Evans presented the following awards:

Services to Kettering Cyclones: Tom Jones, Roland Bell, Nicola Cebak.

Cyclones Dedication Award: Charlie Stockham.

Away from competition, the club has been excellently represented by some dedicated people. The following awards were collected:

The Merit Trophy. This award is voted for by the committee to a member who has contributed to the club throughout the year: Jon Thorne.

Services to Kettering Cycling Club. A new award introduced this year: Ken Vatcher.

Rodney Hyde Memorial Trophy for best attendance on club runs from October to March: Ian Bird.

Another new award this year is the impressive Sportive Trophy. This award is in recognition of the Greatest Distances/number of Sportives/Charity Rides etc: Paul Mellon.

Bob's Funeral

The funeral is planned for December 19th, Monday, at the new Wellingborough crematorium (between Wellingborough and Great Doddington) at 12 noon, and afterwards at the Grange Sports field on Northampton Road, Earls Barton for refreshments, all welcome.

In Memoriam - Club President Bob HIll

KETTERING CC is mourning the loss of club president Bob Hill, a stalwart of the local time trial community.

Joining Kettering Friendly CC back in 1947, Bob timed his first event, a club hill climb at Rockingham, that year to begin a lifetime of service to Kettering and local cycling clubs.

He became club secretary in 1948 and, always prepared to step in if there was a shortage of someone to fill a role, over the years served as racing secretary, time trial secretary, treasurer, chairman and, from 2006, president

When the Kettering club promoted its first track meeting at Wicksteed Park in 1949, Hill acted as commentator, a job he made his own throughout the life of the track, and as an organiser he ran the GHS national schoolboys time trial championship in 2000 in which a certain Mark Cavendish finished eighth.

He was also a member of the South East Midlands District committee for several years, and will be remembered by many as a prolific timekeeper - holding the watch for both the men's and women's 50-mile championships in, respectively, 1995 - marking Kettering Friendly's 50th anniversary - and 1998.

A winner of the Merit Award for services to the club, Bob was timekeeper at nearly all of Kettering CC's time trials from its inception in 2000 up until suffering health issues a couple of years ago, and he remained an ever-present at club functions.

Away from cycling, Bob's other sporting passion was snooker - where he served as a referee - and he was also a keen model railway enthusiast.

Condolences are extended to Bob's wife Brenda, Bev and all of his family.

Central Cyclocross League - 20th November, Prologis Park, Kettering.

With 300 riders racing in near perfect conditions, sunshine above and a little bit of mud on the ground, Kettering Cycling Club hosted a great day of racing on Saturday at Prologis Park, Kettering, in a round of the Central Cyclocross League series.

Prologis have been an enormous support. The site team cut the grass and cleared weeds which allowed KCC's Mark Evans and his team to create a technically challenging course, with natural obstacles, hurdles and a challenging drop for the Senior racers.

For KCC this was an opportunity for their young team, The Cyclones, to demonstrate their skills. But with 3 coaches and 4 parents also entering races, many in the same race as the youngsters, it was a chance to demonstrate their competitiveness. None of the adults beat the Cyclones - this week. Watch this space though because there was much talk of training for future events.

Under 8 Boys

Jake Bird goes from strength to strength with a determined ride to secure first place (his third win of the series) to the delight of the local crowd. A Great showing from the youngest members of KCC's youth group The Cyclones meant the field was dominated by the boys in orange.

1st Jake Bird (KCC)
5th Oliver Cebak (KCC)
7th Coen Clark (KCC)
10th Kyan Chattaway (KCC)
11th Harrison Jones (KCC)

Under 10 Boys
13th Ruben Hickman (KCC)

Under 10 Girls

The under 10 girls race was dominated by local talent, with another storming race from Elena-Rose Fereday taking her 8th win of the season, Kettering's Ruby Isaac's racing for Fenland Clarion came in 2nd and Tasmin Crabtree from KCC took fourth.

Under 12 Boys
The dominant Team MK once again took the first 5 places in the U 12 Boys with Dominic Bell from KCC winning a tough battle to finish 6th.

6th Dominic Bell (KCC)
14 th Eddie Hennah (KCC)
16th Sam Lindsley (KCC)
17th Corben Chattaway (KCC)
19th Jack Cuthbert (KCC)

Under 12 Girls

Another podium finish for Amelia Cebak means she is currently sitting third overall in the league. Hannah Brown showed strength and determination in her first ever race to achieve 5th.

3rd Amelia Cebak (KCC)
5th Hannah Brown (KCC)

Under 14 Boys
Josh Brown was having the battle of the season against his biggest rival when a fall followed by a complicated mechanical lost him two and a half minutes. He showed courage and determination to battle from the back of the field through to finish fifth. The result has cost him the top of the league table in week 9 of 15, so the challenge is on to stay in the race for the league championship. With twenty of his team mates from KCC Cyclones watching his progress, Josh's ability to focus and fight on will be seen by them as the behaviour they should all aspire to.

5th Josh Brown (KCC)
12th Finn Isaac (KCC)
13th Charlie Crabtree (KCC)

Under 14 Girls
Another good race gave Bethany her second third place of the season, although she struggled to hold off the challenge from her father, who was competing for the first time in the novice race.

Under 16 Boys
7th Johnny Crabtree (KCC)

Novice Men

C and D Cycles, supplier of the KCC Cyclones Club bikes and sponsors of the prize packs for the 18 podium finishers in the first races, put out a team for the Novice Men's race.

6 Andrew Brown
8 Ashley Eaton
12 Chris Barratt
13 Richard Lindsley
15 Alan Spencer

Novice Women
Cara Brooks has recently qualified as a coach for KCC Cyclones and she certainly showed the kids how to race today with first place in the novice women's race.

Vet 50plus
43 Stuart Walters (KCC)

Senior Women
Maria Gent returned from University, where she is studying a specialist cycling degree, to race in her first cross race as a senior woman. Maria finished a credible 17th, demonstrating some key skills to the KCC cyclones who she has coached for the last two years.

Cycling Weekly to join KCC on the sunday club ride

This sunday (20/11/16) we will be having Cycling Weekly join us for the club run. In celebration of this we are heading out to Cafe Vontoux at Tugby for coffee and cake.
The ride will leave sainsburys car park rather than the usual bus stop at 9.00am due to the quantity of people we hope to attract. It would be great to see as many of you as possible and preferably dressed in KCC kit so please turn up.
The route for this is
Any questions please email me (
Looking forward to seeing you all there
Ian Bird