By Ondrej

This weeks race (my second on open roads) felt so much better compared to last week. I think experience, sun, friendly advice and lots of support from the verge at every turn of the circuit really helped. This time I was put in the first group which made significant difference. Not sure who that guy was but he manage to organised us in a solid chain gang and we worked like a clockwork toghether. Fatigue started to show after first lap especially in the windy and hilly section out of Old. That is where the chaingang stopped working for me and I started to take few rests on the back of the group every now and again taking turn. I kept thinking that if they drop me, I am lost which kept me going until the end of second lap where it happened. Being overtaken by all other fast group my only motivation was few guys who we managed to drop and I was not going to let them to catch me. Overal I have shaved off 6 minutes from last week’s time and finished 41st which is two places better than last week – I take that. Maybe next time I will hang on with my group into the third lap – small steps 😉. If I keep improving at this pace, by my calculation I will be ready to challenge George Fox around 2054. Thanks to all KCC members who helped to organise today’s race. You kept me going!!!