Saturday 26th September saw the last of our club time trials.

The Frank & Joy Sheppard Memorial 10 mile Time Trial

This open event was promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under their rules and regulations and is held in memory of Frank and Joy Sheppard, both very keen cyclists who put a lot into the sport as competitors and helpers, and made life-long friends through cycling.

We would like to thank Karen (Frank and Joy’s daughter) and Alan Blackburn for their continued, very generous sponsorship of this event.

This years Event Secretary was David Yarham from Peterborough.
7 Torpel Way, Maxey, Peterborough, PE6 9EQ.  Tel: 01778 343077.  Mobile: 07932 162471

Time Keepers: Ms J Cafe, Mr R Daniels

Signs: Jon Thorne

Marshals: Signing-on/Car parking: Andy Parker, Marcus Buksh; Start: Mike Castelete, Gary Parker; Mawsley T-junction: Andrea Woolcott, Darren Gillings; Foxhall T-junction: Gary Bridger; Lamport turn: Gwyneth Wood, Pat Reynolds; Scaldwell turn: Roy Crombie; Old turn: Diana Gent, Josh Crayford

Number Taker: Jon Thorne

A message from the event secretary David:

I would like to thank all of the timekeepers and helpers above, especially for braving the cold for a full 2 hours. Without their assistance willingly and voluntarily given we would have no sport. Congratulations to all the award winners. I can only apologise for the weather. I’m afraid that was completely beyond my control! I would also like all those who participated in the event for their consideration of the restrictions imposed upon us by the covid19 situation. I hope all of those who rode enjoyed their day, and that I will see you all again next year.

Riders braved the weather

A large field of riders signed up for the event even though this year the event was restricted to two categories, a solo event and road bike event. The NC3/10 is a sporting course, but due to the lack of race events this year, it attracted some fast riders and competitors travelled from all over the country to attend.

Local rider George Fox (45 RC) put in outstanding performances in both categories, taking both wins with an impressive solo TT 21:36 and road bike 22:39 joint first with Simon Norman (Befordshire Road RT).


Due to covid-19 measures we are still running with no pusher-off, clipping in has proved a challenge to some riders, many mastering it by now, so apart from a few untidy take offs, all the riders got going into the head wind that was coming over the right shoulder.

This race was going to be about not over cooking the first section, then taking advantage of the tail cross wind on the airfield bumps, braving the decent to Old and then saving enough for the push homeward to the finish just before the Mawsley t-junction pushing directly into the head wind.

KCC riders

Out of the field of over 90 riders, we had eleven KCC riders braving the rain and gails to compete and they came in with the following times, in order of finishing: Rob Barker 23:04, Sam Barker 23:18, Chris Old 24:27, Eddie Smith 24:32, Eddy Clutton 25:50, Andy King (road bike) 26:08, Sue Rust 26:19, Noel Toone (road bike) 26:43, Graham Rice 26:44, Maria Gent 28:16, Mick Wood 36:05. A very well done to all of you that braved the weather and congratulations to Eddy taking third in the solo handicapped times, and Eddy also wins this years Frank & Joy Sheppard Memorial trophy, being the best improved rider from the last event 2018.

Well done to all the riders as the weather was not kind.

The Awards

Solo Event

Fasted (actual time)

1st George Fox 45 RC 21:36 £50
2nd Edward Calow Royal Air Force Cycling Association 22:05 £40
3rd Luke Norris Banbury Star Cyclists’ Club 22:06 £30
4th George Thorne Beacon Roads CC 22:14 £20
5th Mark Jones DRAG2ZERO 22:15 £15
6th Chris Spencer Royal Leamington Spa Cycling Club 22:49 £10

 Fasted (handicap time)

1st Christian Norris Mercedes AMG Petronas CC 18:59 £50
2nd Edward Calow Royal Air Force Cycling Association 19:06 £40
3rd Eddy Clutton Kettering CC 19:14 £30
4th Nigel Briggs South Pennine RC 19:14 £20
5th Alison Fovargue Team Empella 19:42 £15
6th Peter Richardson Velo Club Long Eaton 19:51 £10

Fasted Lady (actual time)

1st Alison Fovargue Team Empella 26:07 £25

Fasted Lady (handicap time)

1st Alison Fovargue Team Empella 19:42 £25

Fasted Junior/Juvenile (actual time)

1st Evander Wishart Fenland Clarion CC 29:57 £25

Road Bike Event

Fasted (actual time)

1st George Fox 45 RC 22:39 £35
2nd Simon Norman Bedfordshire Road RT 22:39 £35
3rd Crispin Doyle VTTA (Wessex Group) 23:11 £20
4th Roy Chamberlain Corley Cycles RC 23:16 £10

Fasted (handicap time)

1st Alastair Shed 45 RC 18:07 £40
2nd David Payne Leicester Forest CC 18:22 £30
3rd Jude Chamberlain Team Jewson – MI Racing 18:35 £20
4th Crispin Doyle VTTA (Wessex Group) 19:00 £10

Fasted Junior/Juvenile (actual time)

1st Jude Chamberlain Bedfordshire Road RT 24:11 £25

Fasted First Open Ride (actual time)

1st Peter Shaw Team Jewson – MI Racing 25:07 £25

Sheppard Memorial Trophy

Awarded to the rider with the best improvement by a Kettering CC rider, based on last race 2018:
Eddy Clutton


The event was attended by Kilmroy Photography and the event can be found on their website, but thank you Darren Gillings for taking these from the Old T junction: