We’d like to welcome the following new members to Kettering cycling club, and look forward to seeing them at our future social and race events.

I know some of the new members have already taken part in club events and I’m sure we’ll be seeing the rest in due course.  Lets all give them a warm welcome and plenty of encouragement.


KCC welcomes…



Rhys Atkins (17)

Evan Collett (9)

Hudson Hendry (Rockingham Forest Wheeler) (13)

Karis Kwarteng (9)

Jessica Kwarteng (15)

Rhys Atkins (17)



Mark Brockway (56)

Mark Buckby (Velo Elite) (54)

Satpaul Dard (52)

James Harvey (53)

Philip Scott (54)

Joshua Smith (29)

Lindsey Smith (31)

Mike Wheeler (32)