Time Keepers: Jon Thorne and Jamie Stockham

Marshalls: Michael Cope & Mike Wheeler (plus Chris Old)

A big thanks to them, as without them the event would not be able to go ahead.

South 10mph (surely it was 30mph?) wind challenges the riders on the return leg

A cooler but sun blessed evening greated the KCC time trial at Lamport last night, it was a pleasant change to the storms and unsettled weather of recent. However, there was a strong south wind that was taking no prisoners and proved to be the challenge of the night.

With a full field of 30 riders, 20 KCC and an attracted 10 guest riders.

Due to covid-19 measures we are still running with no pusher-off, by now the art of getting away and clipping in has been mastered and we had clean starts by the riders.

It didn’t go to plan for four of our riders

An additional marshal was gained when Chris Old, declared he was a DNS having forgotten his cycling shoes, and resorted to putting on a marshalling bib to help out in his flip flops! Chris aided at the start and joined Jamie as time keepers assistant when Jon left to go to the finish.

Adrian Gorham, confessing to having had a trip to the wind tunnel, and tweaking his TT setup, arrived on his old classic steel framed road bike. Having had a mechanical on the ride over to the HQ, he arrived with a front mech wouldn’t shift and then a back mech gear cable snapped, in true TT spirit, he joined in the start line up with only one gear… the toughest! His efforts riding this sporting course in a single speed, toughest gear, lasted over the first three bumps out from the start and then in true style failed to get up the last bump up to the airfield straight. Having a photo opportunity from Tony Hutton is well worth the gruelling ride home Adrian.

The TT event was also eventful for Andrea Woolcott, who had to retire from racing after a dropped chain so pulled out, which was unfortunate as it was a strong ride.

And, for Marcus Buksh, who suffered a puncture at the turn point and had to coast his way back to the finish and to HQ.

Well done to all the riders on the night and making it an enjoyable and smooth running event.

For the remainder of the riders, we had a great night of mixed setups, joined by another showing of the ladies and juniors, and with riders aged from 13 to Mick Wood, who is a legend.

Here’s how the riders faired with the tough headwind on the way back.

KCC Riders

In consistent forme fastest on the night was KCC Tony Brown, taking overall win 22:27 (equally his PB), brilliant ride Tony. Hudson Hendry, second, with a strong ride 24:39 (also a course PB improving from 25:50) and Andy King securing third 25:19 with an extremely strong ride on a road bike setup.

Road bike category, taking first was Andy King, second another strong ride with Chris Duckworth 25:51, just pipping Gary Carter 25:53.

In our KCC ladies, Sue Rust produced a strong ride securing a win with 25:59, we also had a brilliant ride by Maria, easily claiming second with 27:02 (PB for the night) and Lindsay Scott third 27:22, and a mention of with Amy Bird completing the line up of KCC ladies participating in the event 27:31. Well done Amy. I’m also mentioning here, that we were also joined by guest rider Cath Weiss (SpeedHub Tri), we hope to see Cath again, who’s 27:21 completed the start line of ladies, Cath took first as guest rider Ladies category. With only 29 seconds between these four ladies!

Junior, taking the win was Hudson with Amy taking second place.

Guest Riders

This event attracted some fast riders making the overall top ten results extremely interesting and competitive.

Securing overall top 10 places, for the guests we have Stuart De Freyne (QN Racing) taking first 22:50, second, Martin Patmore (Velo Elite) 23:19 just pipping James Hyde (QN Racing) 23:20.

A big thankyou to the riders who took part

It was lovely to see returning guest riders, thank you for joining us and making this a really competitive event.

A bigger thank you to Tony Hutton

Photos are due early next week from Tony Hutton, so for now just the words. I’ll post on facebook as soon as we get them. It’s a real privilege to have Tony attend our TT’s, if you get the chance to say hello to him personally and thank him next week, please do.

Sadly, next week is our last evening KCC TT of the season.

Meanwhile we hope to see you next week at Old for our final evening TT of the season, and with the pending resurfacing of the road, we may have another go at Lamport. HQ is the same for either, so we’ll make the decision nearer the night and risk assess prior to the race.

We do have the Frank & Joy Sheppard at the end of September to look forward to.


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Thank you to Tony Hutton for attending the event: