Now that I am 12 years old there are lots of new opportunities that have opened up in the cycling world. One of those is TT’s (Time Trials). They are really fun but really tiring as you have to go as fast as you can. You don’t really race against anybody else as such but more against yourself although you do try to get the best time so that you are top of the leader board.


Grafton 13.2m TT – 29-04-21

I am in the junior category along with fellow cyclones Lucas Buksh and Eddie Hennah who are both faster than me – but then they are older than me!  As it was my first time I was chaperoned by my Dad so I didn’t get lost. The first week I rode the Grafton course 13.2 miles which was really bumpy, my time was 0.45:16, Eddie’s was 0.40:25 and Lucas’ 0.39:24, we all rode on road bikes but some people have special TT bikes.


Lamport 10m TT – 06-05-21

 The following week we moved course to Lamport which is 10 miles and it was really windy. I rode 0.34:46 (17.26 MPH), Eddie 0.29:52 and Lucas 0.29:15.


Lamport 10m TT Championship – 13-05-21

For my third outing we were back at Lamport and I had a new bike to try out. It is a hand me down from my Dad and a lot faster than my cross bike so I was really eager to see what time I could do. I was also allowed to take part without a chaperone so my Dad took part as well on his new bike. I managed to shave a whole 3 whole minutes off my time at 0.31:46 and increased my speed to 17.77MPH. Eddie was on a TT bike this time with a time of 0.28:46 (20.86 MPH) and Lukas 0.28:21 (21.16 MPH).