Dear KCC Members

Hard to believe it’s been nearly four months since we suspended club activities! We’ve been constantly reviewing guidance provided by the government, British Cycling, CTT and the various cycling associations as well as considering the views of our members, and we’re excited to now be able to gradually restart some of our events and activities.

This week we restarted the Cyclones sessions, with coaches and cyclones sticking to social distancing and other restrictions to protect both the coaches and the cyclones. The first event was a great success and the youngsters all seemed genuinely excited to be back in action.

We’re hoping to resume our evening time trials with a new schedule published in our events section. The first race will be at Old on the 16th July. The first event will be a test of our covid-19 measures, so it will be restricted to KCC club riders only and with limited numbers. We’ll need you to pre-register and there will be various special measures, so please read the information carefully that Jon provides. If you’re available to marshall, the new dates and locations are already on the marshalling rota, please volunteer if you can.

Club runs and social rides are unfortunately still suspended for the time being. We’ve reviewed the options and based on the current government guidance we don’t feel it’s appropriate to restart these just yet. We’re obviously keen to get these back up and running as soon as we can, and will do so as soon as we feel it’s safe.

Thanks so much for continuing to be part of the KCC community and we look forward to welcoming you back very soon.

Stay safe and keep riding!


Marcus Buksh