Exercise has provided a great boost for people’s physical and mental health during the pandemic and KCC encourages everybody to exercise in whichever way meets their needs.

We have all enjoyed being able to meet and ride in groups for the last couple of months and we will be doing everything we can to continue that under the new guidelines that come into effect on Monday 14th September.

From the 14th September all KCC social rides will be organised and run on the following lines:

1. All riders must register their name and contact details in advance of the ride.

This will provide us with the contact details we’ll need if somebody on the ride subsequently tests positive for Covid-19. SignUp Genius is used by the club to manage the registrations, you will find the link from the event page.

Only registered riders will be able to take part in club activities.

2. At all times the government’s social distancing guidelines must be respected.

This includes at the allocated meeting point and at Cafe stops where they may be others there who are not a part of KCC who we certainly do not want to run the risk of infecting, or being infected by.

3. No more than 6 riders can ride together.

Riders will be allocated into groups in advance of the ride and will be notified which group they’ll be a part of. Each group will set off with a few minutes gap between them. Again, you should stay as a group at any stops and not be closer than 2 metres to any other group.

Download the published route to your garmin, you may be the only one knowing the way!

4. Have a mask or appropriate face covering with you in case it’s necessary to wear it.

You may be asked to wear your face mask when assembling at the meeting point, whilst grouping prior to departure and on return, being conscious that we do meet at a bus stop.

Although the rules do not come into effect until Monday 14th we’ll run under these conditions in all social rides from now on. In effect this coming weekend’s rides will be dry runs after which we can make any necessary adjustments.

By following these simple rules we’ll all be able to enjoy our rides as well as minimise the risk of spreading Covid to our friends, families and other members of the general public. We’re all in this together so please look out for your fellow riders by respecting these guidelines.


Hopefully it goes without saying, but just to remind you all:

Do not attend if you feel unwell.

If you are in a vulnerable group, please do not attend.

Not all risks can be eliminated. Just as you cannot take into account every possibility or occurrence, it is necessary and proper that all obvious risks and likely risks are considered and dealt with by way of a RARA approach (Remove, Avoid, Reduce, Accept).

Remember to wear your club jerseys

We ask that you wear the KCC club jersey or full club kit when joining in our organised rides, please talk to Ian Bird if you wish to purchase kit.


For further details please email Ian Bird.

Previous Covid-19 guidelines

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