The following measures and restrictions are in place for us to resume our cyclones coaching sessions on 29th June 2020.

Do not attend if you feel unwell.

If you are in a vulnerable group, please do not attend.

Not all risks can be eliminated. Just as you cannot take into account every possibility or occurrence, it is necessary and proper that all obvious risks and likely risks are considered and dealt with by way of a RARA approach (Remove, Avoid, Reduce, Accept).

Car Parking

Please park leaving a car width between cars (i.e. parking as if every other space is empty) so that you can social distance; ask your child to stay within the car until you have unloaded the bike.

Access to the session

Please wait to be directed to the appropriate coaching area by a club volunteer. At some venues there will a one way system in operation to gain access to the coaching areas.

Coaching groups

These will consist of a maximum of six people including the coach and any volunteers. Near to the coaching area will be a parent’s area with cones 2m apart, we ask you to stand at your cone with your child beside you until called over and be at your cone at the end of the session.  We ask that you respect the groups of no more than 6 rules that means we have positioned you near enough to see and be supportive of your Cyclone but far enough away that we are not breaking the groups of 6 rules.  Please do not arrive before 6:45pm and please ensure that your Cyclone is ready to join their coach at 7 pm.

Hand sanitiser

Our coaches and volunteers will be using hand sanitizers, we will not be supplying hand sanitiser for cyclones as we are assuming that if kids are not actually touching anything other than own bike they will not need it.

Face masks

Coaching and volunteers may choose to wear masks as may parents. Sport England have said that they do not recommend wearing masks for children participating in sport, so we are not making any suggestions about this, please make your own decisions.


There are no toilet facilities available


We will not be able to handle cash and therefore are not asking for donations presently, if you wish to make a donation please contact Liz separately for the bank account details.

Bike adjustments

Coaches will not be able to help with issues on bikes – this must be done by the cyclones or parent themselves


The usual kit recommendations remain in place, helmets MUST be worn and each child must have their own drink.  Please consider additional layers  if required and if your child removes clothing coaching staff will not be able to collect it etc.


This will be set out and put away by the same person, kids will not be asked to assist.

Cyclones behaviour

We know that these rules may seem extreme, especially in an outdoor space but we do not wish to go against government guidelines or more importantly to put anyone at risk.  Please explain the rules to your Cyclone. Please remember that Cyclones are not permitted to mess about before or after the session in close proximity to each other.
As usual Cyclones need to listen carefully to instructions and follow them.

Cyclones will be allocated a coach prior to the session.

For further details please email: