The 10m Club Championship Time Trial took place on the 25th May on the Lamport to Rothwell and back course under a clear sky with a gentle breeze and good temperatures.

There was a good mix of riders from the club along with some guests from other local clubs.

Maria Gent was first away and first back to the timekeepers and in doing so retained the Ladies’ championship for a second year. Well done Maria.

In the Men’s category the clear winner was Andy Fairley. His was the fastest ride of all riders on the night and he even had a little bit to spare as he had to slow down to a crawl to cross the line as there was a small queue of vehicles waiting to get into Lamport Hall. Congratulations Andy.

Scott Barber was the quickest Road Bike rider. We currently don’t have a road bike championship so Scott has to settle for bragging rights and a promise of a drink at the next club awards from the Chairman.

As always, it was great to see our regular riders but we also had some new faces from within the club trying out a “real” time trial after months of working on their indoor trainers. Seeing Stephen Webster’s first time effort it’s clear that his training has been working for him and we look forward to seeing him again.

All of the results can be found by using this link to the ResultSheet web site  . ResultSheet is a really nice app that has proven to be really helpful to me as an organiser and delivers analysable results to everybody in real time that can be accessed from whatever web enabled device you have, be that phone, tablet or PC. 

Thank you to our helpers

It was a good evening that wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Mick Wood and Marcus Buksh. Thank you guys for your invaluable help.