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03 Aug 2020


Registration 6:45pm
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Voluntary donation : NO CASH

Cyclones Coaching Summer Holiday Sessions

Cyclones sessions are being held over the summer holidays.

Please just turn up on the night if you can make it as the rules have relaxed over the maximum group size so all welcome.

Do keep an eye out on the Facebook page though in case anything changes, bad weather etc. I will be off getting married for some of the holiday so an email will not always be able to go out.

Please arrive by 6:45pm to allow for for registration and preparatory safety checks.
Venue Christ the King on the Ise Lodge.

1 Hour session. 7.00pm to 8.00pm

The focus of coaching sessions is the development of core cycling skills which enable participants to ride more confidently, comfortably, effectively and safely. These skills are essential whether the young rider, for example, is cycling to school or shops, enjoying themselves with friends in an off-road setting, or entering competitive cycling games / competitions. Core cycling skills are fundamental to all the disciplines of cycling, including road, BMX, track, speedway, cyclocross and mountain bike riding.

All coaching takes place in a traffic-free environment, a requirement stipulated by British Cycling.

Remember wear suitable clothing and a helmet is compulsory. Download our Helmet Policy
Helmet Policy



For further details please email: