Strava ‘doggie’ art

All groups met up at Sainsbury’s Kettering, and great to see old and new faces (hi Sophie Griffin x) and sweaty (eew) and clean smiley faces! Three groups were decided at the start. The training group consisting of Andréa Woolcott,Darren Gillings, Mike Castelette, Haythem Rashed, Eddie Smith and Lukasz Adamczyk,  set off first on the sunshine lit, ‘doggie Strava art’ route to the historic Thornby Hall.

Donkey route?

The route took us via Loddington, Old, Holcot, Brixworth (tempting to pop-in to the Workhouse café…as we swooned longingly by !) but onwards & definitely upwards through East Haddon, Ravensthorpe, Guilsborough, … about here we were being cheered on by the famous Ey-Or , yelps of admiration from our Climbing prowess and stylish looks! Well we’ll go with that and hope it was happy yelps, coz it was bloody loud and non relentless?!) looking slightly bewildered, we carried on through Cold Ashby.. actually we made the ‘doggie tail’ of the Strava art a little wider , or you could say made it happier by wagging it more!, from a slight extra detour into Thornby, where we stopped for coffees and yummy vegan cakes at the World Peace café.  

World Peace Café

Sitting pretty with happy faces upon our arrival were David Robinson and Eddie Clutton, whom deviated from their groupetto and found a shorter, quicker route to ensure they had first pick of the cakes on offer, before the rest of their groupetto arrived  😉 (good thinking guys x).

All groups met up at the Café and had a great time, the vegan date cake was so good!

Finish off the team art work

We said our thanks 🙏 and farewells as we headed off on our return route to finish off our Strava art ‘doggie’, heading back via Naseby, Haselbech, Harrington, Desborough and parted ways at Rushton. 

Thank you all for a great training group ride, all of you rode so well and lovely to see everyone at the Café stop, and great to meet new riders!

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon (next one for us is the Lake District mini tour! Yay!!)