Awaiting photos from Tony Hutton.

Time Keepers: Andy King & Jon Thorne

Marshals: Ken Hennah and Ken Vatcher

A big thanks to them, as without them the event would not be able to go ahead.


Weather and the league championships warming up

— myWindsock Report —
Weather Impact: 1.6%, Headwind: 56% @ 4.5-8.2mph, Longest Headwind: 14m 19s, Air Speed: 23.5mph, Temp: 16.6-17.1°C, Precip: 2% @ 0.08 Inch/hr
— END —

A counting event for the Ladies and Junior League Championships, and we had what can only be described as some decent warmth and sunshine to the event.

It was a faster night for many, snipping at the times and producing their fastest on the course for this year. The Barker Brothers, Rob and Sam rode a 2-up, so out of points but a great ride.

As for the other results, here they are:

KCC Riders

Chris Old took the win of the season with 23:57 (just a second off the 2-up of Rob and Sam 23:56), with Mike Cope taking 2nd with 25:21 and Graham Rice 3rd with 25:39.

In the Ladies counting event, Sue Rust taking 1st 25:54, Maria Gent 2nd with 27:10.

As for the Juniors, being a counting event for them, Eddie Hennah just took the win on his TT setup with 28:06, with Lucas Buksh producing 28:14 on his road bike with Jake Bird, constantly producing quicker times, slicing 2 minutes off his previous time with 31:47. All new PBs for these youngsters.

With only two road bike setups this week Lucas and Jake in our juniors, took positions 1 and 2 for points.

Guest Riders

Alex Garner (VeloElite) took the win in the guests category with 23:12, followed by a duel between Hans and Josh Van Neirop (WVCC), 23:43 and 23:59 respectfully, all on TT setups. Mike Deeley (RFW) won the road bike category with 28:35.

If I get anyones name, club or more importantly time incorrect please let me know. Apologies in advance. Well done everyone.

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Guest Results. Use the arrows to sort columns.

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Capturing the night

Thank you to Tony Hutton for attending and taking photos