Time Keepers: Ken Hennah with Andy King and Jon Thorne

Marshals:  Graham Rice and Mick Wood

A big thanks to them, as without them the event would not be able to go ahead.


Mywindsock: Weather Impact: 1.2%. Headwind: 59% @ 8.8-15.1mph. Longest Headwind: 14m 49s. Air Speed: 22.9mph. Temp: 19-20°C. Precip: 0% @ 0 Inch/hr .

2 Laps of the NC/15 Old 9.4 course

Postponed from last week, this Ladies and Junior counting event was held on a gorgeious sunny evening. The challenge of the night was the low sun, the strobing effect created by the trees and hedgerows. Sadly for Mark Weathersby it was a puncture that stopped his race on his second lap.

The event brought out the full team of junior riders, Lucas, Jake, Evan on road bikes doing the full distance and Eddie on his TT setup doing 1 lap. It was a great opportunity for them the see how the full course felt in race conditions and after seeing how confidently they tackled the downhill from from Lamport to Old last week they were going to be super competitive putting that all together.

It was great to see the return of some old faces, David Robinson dusting off his skin suit again and the return of Jamie Stockham and Mark Weathersby. Mark was actually leading the race after the first lap time, unlucky he punctured on the Mawsley straight.

Some of the riders chose to do 1 lap only, so although they are KCC riders, they are not included in the final positions and points but some great first lap times, and well done all.

The results

Overall positions and ladies category

Those riding the full 2 laps and completing the race distance, in the line up of KCC riders, it was Chris Old taking the win with an impressive 45:52, second was David Robinson, well worth dusting off his TT bike for another outing with 47:22, with Sue Rust taking overall third, and also ladies winning time of 49:32.

Maria Gent took second place in the ladies category with 51:12.

Road bike and junior categories

In the road bike category, it was Lucas Buksh taking the win with 53:45, also securing Lucas the win in the juniors category, it was then Jake taking second, in both categories as he was on his road  bike with 01:02:51, and securing third was young Evan Willis, also on his road bike so not only in road bike but like Jake, also in the junior category. Eddie Hennah, having only completed 1 lap was not eligble for points, but he did the fastest first lap on his TT bike of all of the juniors, so well done Eddie, two laps next time?

Guest riders

We had the return of Mark Moriarty, 53:11 and Hudson Hendry, who produced a storming ride for a thirteen year old of 47:02. Great to see you both and look forward to having you back.

We hope to see you all next week at Old for the firtst of the 9.4 events.

Well done everyone. Thank you all for participating and making this a successful event for the organisers.

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