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21 Jul 2024


9:00 am

KCC Sunday Club Ride | Mint & Ginger

KCC Sunday Social Club Ride, a social gathering of all abilities, for members to meet and cycle together.

With the forecast continually changing for Sunday (but basically warm and not too wet!) I’m proposing a ride up to the Welland Valley with a stop at Mint & Ginger.
We had great numbers over the last couple of weeks – let’s keep that going and do a training and social ride.
Meet as usual at 9am.


All abilities are catered for, we currently have riders who are riding at 13-14mph average up to 15-18+ mph average and we split into groups. We regroup when meeting at the cafe, or predefined stops.

The distance we do is around the 30 steady or 50 miles paced, this is again adjusted to suit the riders that are signed up, so we may do a bigger loop, and if we have new riders, we can accommodate with a shorter loop, the aim is for it to be a chance to catchup and natter, obviously riding safely.

If you are new to cycling and wish to join us, and you’ve not been riding with us before, we are a no drop policy and the slowest group will ride to the ability of that group, as we all have to start somewhere, and I remember bonking in my first rides… being kindly joined by an existing member of the KCC riders who joined me on my struggle homeward!

Here’s an outline of what to expect:

Starting point at Sainsbury’s bus stop on Rockingham road at 9.00 am and will be out for about 4 hours.

Published route.

Cafe stop
We will stop to refuel, at around 11am for coffee, tea or whatever your tipple is, along with cake…  and then return back to Kettering.

Making your way home
Many riders, living in villages in and around Kettering choose to peel off the route on the way back to Kettering and make their way home, if you do this, please let the group know so we are not waiting for you or think you have a puncture or got lost.

Please remember to wear your club jersey.

Directions to starting point: