Marshals and time keepers required or we have to cancel events!

Despite Jon’s best efforts to get timekeepers for Sunday he has had to cancel this week’s TT. This would not have been an easy decision fort him to take.

In a club of this size he shouldn’t have to bear the burden of having to chase people to support these events – he does more than enough already and would actually like to ride in them.

Can all club members head over to sign up genius and put their names down for the remaining events which are as follows:

15/7 Old 18.8m –  1 marshal needed

18/7 Earls Barton 50m (6.30am start) – 2 timekeepers

22/7 Old 9.4m 2 timekeepers 2 marshalls

29/7 Old 9.4m – 2 Timekeepers 2 marshals

05/8 Old 9.4m – 2 timekeepers (not on sign up genius) 2 marshals

12/8 Old 9.4m – 2 timekeepers 2 marshals

15/8 Broughton 10m – 1 timekeeper, 1 timekeepers assistant 1 marshal

19/8 Old 9.4m – 2 timekeepers 2 marshals

26/8 Old – 2 timekeepers

25/9 Frank and Joy Sheppard – 10 marshals

How do you volunteer to help?

We use SignUp Genius, without marshals and time keepers we will not be able to run event.s

Click the logo to sign up: