Everybody who rode really enjoyed it! 

On what turned out to be a fast morning on the Broughton course we didn’t get as many entries as we’d really had liked so thank you to Dan Bates and Chris Old for making the supporting efforts of Andy and Scott Barber worthwhile. 

Both Dan and Chris did their best times on the course and were full of optimism for their next few races off the back of it. They were disappointed that there were not more competitors but didn’t show that in the efforts that they both made. They kept Andy on his toes with his timekeeping duties too as they crossed the finoishing line within 2 seconds of each other!

Thanks to Scott Barber

Because of the nature of the course we were able to run the event with a timekeeper and one marshal. Scott did a fantastic job on the marshalling front even having the time to take a couple of snaps. Thanks Scott 👍

Post race reflections

This year has seen a reduction in the number of entries to our club TT’s which seems to be a trend seen at a lot of other cycling clubs for both club and open events. Whilst this is disappointing I will continue to organise and run all of the events that we have planned until the end of the season as there are still club members, albeit in smaller numbers than in previous years, who want to participate.

All of the dates and details of our events are in the Events calendar on the club website. Every event is open to any type of bike so you don’t need a specialist TT bike to take part. Our club events range in distance from 3.8 miles to 50 miles so there’s something there for everybody. The other thing to remember, particularly when you’re starting off with time trialling, is that yes you are in an event with other people but you are trying to improve your own personal time. Each week you’ll see your progress and that generally spurs people on to keep working at improving.

If anybody has any thoughts about how we can increase the participation numbers then please feel free to contact me at kcc.ttsec@gmail.com  



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