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We have made progress with the new kit design and would like to share these options with you, and see if you have a preference. Please note that these are representations and design elements may differ on the final item(s).

The design has been based on our racing pedigree and desire to be visible with the shoulders and sides retaining the pink for maximum visibility, whilst maintaining our core orange and KCC strip. Being seen and being safe on the roads for leisure and competitive riding. With practical grey and black shorts. There will be one design for all genders.

Please cast your vote by end of Sunday 8th November 2020.

Design will slide automatically, to enlarge click the image and use the > < arrows to navigate.

Alternatively if you wish to view the 3D views from Endura below.

3d Views

Design 1 :

Design 2 :

Design 3 :

Long Sleeve / Arm warmer  :


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I personally would vote for design 3. But personally I can’t see myself wearing that colour or pink/orange, I’m just not a fan. sorry 💔. Also, tbh, I’m not a fan of the pink. My own opinion of course. But thank you for taking the time and effort to design.

I like the orange to pink fade in design 3 but overall I feel design 1 is more balanced. Still not keen on the grey panels on the shorts.

Is any part of the kit reflective?
Hi, a consideration was for the KCC logo on the back jersey pockets being reflective, sadly it is an additional printing process, not part of the original digital print, so would increase the garment costs.

Thanks for your efforts in designing the new kit. Sorry, but pink and orange just don’t go together. I wouldn’t buy based on colour & would keep my old kit. Design 1 is the best design (but not colours) – the other two look as though the rider has been spattered with grey dirt.
– Hi, We are retaining our core orange and pink, and the KCC chest band, allowing members to continue to wear their old kit and retain the continuity and identity of the club. The orange darker, more of a tangerine orange.

I have voted for design 1. but i like the fade on the shoulders from design 3. can we change and include in design 1, as I don’t like the grey splatter on the front of the jersey?