Time Keepers: Jon Thorne and Jamie Stockham

Marshalls: Charlie Stockham and Andy King

A big thanks to them, as without them the event would not be able to go ahead.

Hydration was probably on the minds of the riders this week.

This weeks TT attracted a full field of KCC riders and guest riders, a total of 25.

The night proved to be challenging, for once not the wind… it was sunny, hot, muggy and it reflected in the slower times of riders, apart from those elite human beings that nothing seems to slow them down!

There were some PB’s on the night, Maria I know of, if anyone else PB’d as there were a few conversations over best times of last season or the season before… please let me know.

It was great to see the Ladies in pink out in force again, with 5 riders and it makes it a lot more interesting for these ladies having a larger field to compete against. It was lovely to see Lindsay and Natalie out again, both riding well.

Due to covid-19 measures we are still running with no pusher-off, but this week, a much easier start off on the flatish downhill, seeing more success for riders to clip in and even I did it first time!

Well done to all the riders on the night and making it an enjoyable and smooth running event.

KCC Riders

Tony Brown 22:28 took first overall and first of KCC,  with a close battle for second between Robert Barker 23:45, just pipping Eddie Smith 23:53.

Ladies KCC riders, brilliant strong ride by Lindsay Scott to take first 26:43 with a convincing win over Sue Rust 27:02 second (I wish I had an excuse, but just didn’t have it in the legs on the night), closely followed by Amy Bird 27:12.

Juniors, we witnessed another superb rider by Hudson Hendry 25:50, Amy second and Lucas Buksh on a road bike in third 31:05.

Road Bike category, winning with 26:07 Chris Duckworth and the rest of the road bike riders having only 4 minutes between them all, second was Iain Callaghan, (a sound first race for Iain, well done and it was great to see you at a TT, and I’m sure there’s more to come) 27:42, just pipping Stuart McCagney 27:56.

Alastair Wyldes (DNS/A), hope to see you next time Alastair.

Guest Riders

Velo Elite took the top spots for the guest riders, Martin Patmore (Velo Elite) 23:22 (second overall of the whole field, well done Martin) coming first, Dave Tuttle (Velo Elite) on a road bike takes second 24:34 and Simon Fitzhugh (45RC) third 27:06


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Thank you to Tony Hutton for attending the event and I’m sure we have some lovely photos to come. I’ll post again on face book as soon as we get them.

Here’s the photo of the provisional results sheet on the night.

Any PB’s please let me know.

Here’s some photos of the riders, courtesy of Darren Gillings.