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KCC Evening TT - Grafton Underwood 
Date 20/04/2017 
Time 18:30  

Officials Timekeeper: David Robinson
Assistant: Chris Duckworth
Marshal: Eddy Clutton
Marshal: Sue Rust
Marshal: Noel Toone
Marshal: Noel Toone

Grafton Underwood 11.7 
Distance: 11.7 Miles  
Code: NC1 
START on unclassified road half a mile north of Grafton Underwood immediately before junction to farm access road. Proceed south, through Grafton Underwood to crossroads, where turn left onto unclassified road to Slipton. On downhill into Slipton before reaching public house turn left onto unclassified road to Sudborough. Continue winding through Sudborough village to reach A6116, where turn left along A6116 to Brigstock, where turn left onto unclassified road, through Brigstock village, turn left again over the small bridge to begin series of hills on the way to the finish. Finish at starting point.