With the Halloween announcement that England was entering another lockdown many of the Cyclones were very disappointed that they would have to still go to school but not participate in their weekly cyclones training night.  The coaches were equally disappointed and having promised another race night before the end of term, set out to make what may be the last session of 2020 as much fun as possible.

Devilish courses & race planning

Fiendish courses set by Francesca and Andy challenged all of the riders, with ingenious (or evil) race planning from Richard with the addition of a running lap making sure that those who always win didn’t! Lots of fabulous prizes for every rider meant it was a great celebration of 2020. 

Shining Bright

Stand out rides of the night go to Kajus, Evan and William. Charlie and Thomas both had good sessions. The ongoing battle in the oldest group was good to watch with strong rides from Amelia, Hudson, Eddie and Lucas.  Jackson, Jake and Katie were battling it out too. Lukas, Oliver, Alice and Patsy all proved how much they’ve learnt this year!

Christmas Presents!

With no hope of one of our wild snowball fight themed Christmas parties this year, we handed out the Christmas presents early! We expect those newly serviced club bikes to shine when we get back to Cyclones.

Challenging Year for Cyclones

2020 has been a challenge – we were so grateful to get back to riding in June when we were able to re-introduce small groups  (of up to six people)  for coaching sessions under British Cycling’s Covid-secure guidance. Everyone has tried so hard and it had been great to see some racing coming back.

British Cycling along with many other sports governing bodies are lobbying for children’s sport to continue.  “All activities take place outdoors, riders are able to maintain social distancing throughout and face-to-face interaction is limited – meaning that by the Government’s own definition the activity presents an incredibly low transmission risk.”

Cyclones would love to be back together soon, watch this space for an update. In the meantime Francesca has set all of her and Roland’s groups individual training programmes, so we expect to see more fantastic development from each group: stamina building for Thomas Lukas and Sultan; cornering is a priority for Evan, Zack, Oliver, Aiden and William; and a variety of new skills for Thea, Eve, Eloise, Alice and Patsy.

Bikes & Promotion

We have finished servicing the club bikes and look forward to handing more out soon. In the meantime all of the Cyclones parents were handed leaflets about Monday sessions to distribute so we hope to have more new starters in 2021!  Please do promote us when you can!

Cyclones will be back!

Watch this space for updates on when we are back to club nights on Mondays, keep safe on your rides and have fun!